Conspire provides a new way to submit and manage your HPC computing jobs. Using Conspire, your python, perl or bash job scripts can be turned into intuitive graphical interfaces, which can be used to submit and manage your HPC jobs across all of the HPC clusters to which you have access.

Conspire understands different types of molecular simulation program and provides graphical interfaces for them. It knows how to run different programs on different clusters. Why should you have to learn about writing job scripts or learning about different queueing systems? Conspire will take care of all of this for you.

To run on the cloud, the Conspire graphical interface talks to Acquire. Acquire knows which clusters you have access to, and it combines them together into a single HPC cloud. You submit your job to Acquire, and Acquire will then choose the best and most available cluster for your job, and will automatically submit and manage that job on that cluster, and return you the results. Why should you have to learn how to use rsync, Linux or ssh? Just submit the job, and Acquire will then do the hard work of logging onto and transferring files between different clusters.


Acquire your HPC Cloud

Conspire is a software project with the aim of making it easier for scientists to run big science on HPC clusters.

Conspire groups all of the clusters a scientist can access into a single cloud, freeing them from cluster and job management