Everything is driven by Acquire, a broker that runs at Edinburgh, and that acts as a manager for all of your cluster accounts and all of your jobs. Acquire will manage all of the user accounts you have on different HPC clusters, allowing you to submit and manage jobs directly from your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Acquire chooses the best cluster to use based on availability, speed and energy efficiency. Acquire is secure and encrypted, merging all of your different HPC cluster accounts into a single, personal, intuitive, secure compute cloud.

We demonstrated Acquire at the CMS 2012 conference in Cirencester. We are actively looking for users, and will begin distributing the software to a select group of early adopters over this summer. If you enjoyed the demo and would like to take part in this early release, then please contact us (Christopher.Woods@bristol.ac.uk).

Here is a video of a complete submission of a molecular dynamics job to the Emerald GPU cluster.

In the video, you can see us setting key options of the simulation, and then submitting the job to the Acquire broker. The broker chooses to run the simulation on Emerald, and handles all file transfers and interaction with the Emerald queueing system. Once the simulation has finished, the results are transferred backed to the Acquire broker, from where we can click ???Get Results!??? to download them back to the desktop.

Please also feel free to download a PDF of our poster.

A Simple Demonstration

A demonstration of Conspire was performed at the CMS conference in Cirencester in June 2012.

If you are interested, or would like a demonstration, please contact us

Step 1: Start Conspire

Step 2: Start the Job

Step 3: Check Job Status

Step 4: Get the Results!